The Choreographic Process

How I choreographed "Coffee Cold"


19 Things NOT To Do In 2019

Every year it seems like we are told what we should be doing during the next year.  I'm guilty of it too you know. (Last year I shared 18 Things To Do In 2018)  Truth be told we don't always get around to doing all of the things we set out to do in a year's … Continue reading 19 Things NOT To Do In 2019

Visiting Montpelier Vermont

  If you haven't already heard it...I like going new places!  So does my friend Katie who I have been hanging out with a lot over the past couple of months.  Katie works at The Fold, a faith based organization dedicated to helping troubled teens.  Katie has Sundays and Mondays off from her job, after a … Continue reading Visiting Montpelier Vermont

Reclaiming Space

  Have you ever read Jon Krakauer's "Into The Wild"?  If you have, I hope that the book got across to you that every journey does not have to make sense to other people.  In this book, Jon Krakauer followed the life and journey of Christopher McCandless who was a sort of rebel.  From a well … Continue reading Reclaiming Space